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Last year was a shock to my system: losing three friends in a short period, then my favourite uncle, and soon after my 92-year-old aunt – last of my father’s siblings, end of an era. And as if to ‘add … Continue reading

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Avoiding vulnerability – friendship lost + found

There is value in being open and vulnerable*, and a price to pay for avoiding it.  When I look back, ‘avoiding’ is what I was doing when I tried to cover up my imperfections, or tried to make a good … Continue reading

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On “ending violence against women”

So you signed a petition to end violence against women? Bravo. Good start. But How are you going to end it? Really. You are bigger, stronger animals compared to us. Your  voices are, by default, louder and more intimidating. By … Continue reading

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The point of acknowledging a ‘disability’, in my opinion, is to raise an alert, for a need for consideration and accommodation.   So just as someone in a wheelchair needs a ramp in order to participate in certain events so does … Continue reading

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Imperfection welcome

I am wearing a simple ring that I made possibly 25 years ago.  For decades it lay in the dark, unworn, because it was a failed, imperfect piece.   It was hidden, in the same way I hid occasional creations – … Continue reading

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The need to feel heard

Last night I was reminded of this subject, as I visited a friend who was busily making dinner.   She bustles and putters and chops and spatters, doesn’t respond, and occasionally ‘shows interest’ by asking a ‘clarifying question’.  Or more like … Continue reading

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Note to a friend #2

You act.  Act like a totally confident expert.  Act like someone who isn’t afraid of anything or anyone.  Act like someone who has no vulnerabilities. If this is the way you want to be, then what you need is an … Continue reading

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