A handy dandy “Climate Change Kit”

So what’s the big deal?

The “Paris Summit” was about the world’s leaders trying to create a plan that would reduce climate change and move the world toward sustainability.   With scientists and other experts – even indigenous peoples of the world — they worked sometimes through the night, and actually came to an agreement, signed by almost 200 countries! First time in world history.  Then they had to go back to their own country and deal with their own people – figuring out together what has to happen in at every level, from the national, to the municipal, or even to the ‘village’ level, to achieve the goals set in Paris. It’s a slow process.

But sustainability ultimately comes down to us. You and me.   We each have to figure out how we, individually, can change our ways to make it happen. We also need to learn how to influence others to do the same. Here is a collection of links you may find interesting in your journey to knowledge and empowerment. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, try checking out a link a week.  I wish you a happy holiday and a most enriching 2016.

What are we doing about it?

Our “Ways” that need to change:







 Some good signs(“sustainable”) 






http://www.blogto.com/design/ecotique-toronto (it’s not all bleak — sometimes even fun!)




This can’t go on(“unsustainable”)










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11 Responses to A handy dandy “Climate Change Kit”

  1. john zande says:

    Timely, brilliant post!

    Personally, our house hardly eats any meat anymore, and our car is bio fuel. In this regard, Brazil is very, very good. Over half the cars on the road are bio fuel, and almost all electricity is hydro.

  2. kkkoski says:

    Applause, applause, applause!

  3. ladysighs says:

    A lot of links to read…but I did pick one http://www.globalstewards.org/sustainable-lifestyle.htm
    It had a lot of good ideas for the everyday life. Like many goals we set, we try to do too much at one time and end up doing nothing. Three things I liked in the link I read were:
    1. Simplify as much as possible
    2. Take an inventory of how one lives
    3. Make a lifetime commitment

  4. Great environmental call-to-arms and resources. I began the process of simplifying my life years ago. The days of wasteful consumerism are finished for me. Our utility company rates mine as one of its most energy-efficient households.

    • I am impressed! It does sound ever so slightly like I was “preaching to the converted”? 🙂

      • Sure, but who else would we preach to? The unconverted? I can hear them now… with a southern accent:

        “Y’all climate-alarmist, tree-huggin’, commie pinko libruls r dummer dan uh blind possum stuuck in uh briar patch. Iffen our lord save-yur Jesus didn’t wan us to bern gas he woodent have made cars! En, by da by, tell y’all uther dumm libruls dat earth is only six tousand yirs old cuz datz what dee good book seys… en all doz dine-o-sores where dare too.”

        I’ve actually met people like this, believe it or not.

  5. Hilarious – but true! 🙂

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