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On “ending violence against women”

So you signed a petition to end violence against women? Bravo. Good start. But How are you going to end it? Really. You are bigger, stronger animals compared to us. Your  voices are, by default, louder and more intimidating. By … Continue reading

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Personal power: Food, etc.

Back in 2006, I mused as follows: “Just when I think I’m in charge of my life, I discover myself eating that extra two hundred calories, or not bothering to get any exercise.   Just when I think I’m feeling … Continue reading

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Crying vs Power

A friend was talking to me over lunch yesterday, essentially about insensitive mis-treatment of someone by a government agent.   Suddenly I realized I was about to cry.  For some reason my whole being said “stop” to that feeling, and I … Continue reading

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Longing, before…

When I was young, longing was a weakness – a character flaw.  One would sooner express anything embarrassing, than admit to any kind of longing. Instead we admitted nothing,  closed our eyes in the dark, and listened to the poetry … Continue reading

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When you buy a small appliance or any technological gadget – a computer, a cell phone etc – the instructions include a requirement to keep the packaging it arrived in. If I followed these instructions to the letter, I would … Continue reading

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