On “ending violence against women”

So you signed a petition to end violence against women?


Good start.

But How are you going to end it?


You are bigger, stronger animals compared to us.

Your  voices are, by default, louder and more intimidating.

By default, you are intimidating to smaller women, girls, little girls.

And that’s where it begins – this process of becoming intimidated and afraid of men,   of being unable to stand up to men as individuals, or in governance.

Our training starts early.

You just growl a little, and your little girl is intimidated.  You growl louder or shout, and she is afraid.

Will you learn to control your impatience?

Will you try to sound more gentle?

In the hope of assuring little girls and women that you come with good will?

That you come


Understand, that this too  is part of “ending violence against women.”

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5 Responses to On “ending violence against women”

  1. mixedupmeme says:

    It does start early. And it starts with small things.

    I subscribe to your blog, but somehow it is not coming into my Reader…so I just stopped by. 🙂

    • I’ll have to look into the ‘admin’ side of the thing 🙂 And yes, that subtle enabling of aggressiveness that many women do unconsciously, begins by their equally subtle conditioning from birth…. Like so much in life – so complicated yet so simple! Nice to see you dropping by!

    • Guldana says:

      Kurusainta redda ussana para le tieyna Nikamo denaganin thopi okkowama hedigannaona para ballo. Sebe Bauddanam TAWA IWASANNA epa. RATA, HELA JATHIYA, ha BUDUDAHAMA rekagannanam merate KURUSAIN ha HAMBAIN mardhanaya kalauthumai, me eakata kalayai. Nethnam chirath kalayak ape HELA VIRUWAN rekagathta MAGE BUDUDAHAMA mun vinashakarala davi. Ehema nowennanam merate KURUSAIN ha HAMBAIN mardhanaya karamu.

  2. Raje says:

    This is simple and powerful. Thank you. Last Saturday I spoke up in a situation that involved aggressive words spoken. I was heard by the men. They had not realized the power of their words, nor the tone in which they were spoken. May these people learn to understand what you have written here, and use their voices as gentle bridges in understanding, towards the growing children, the women, and each other.

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