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The toilet at my favourite cafe

Your bum My bum His bum Her bum Their bums Some bums Many bums Any bums Smart bums Dumb bums Old bums Young bums Dirty bums Clean bums Large bums Small bums Fast bums Slow bums Wary bums Smelly bums … Continue reading

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Love, in a way…

Love, in a way… Yes, I suppose you could say; I’m not sure I know In a definitive way What love is, really.   Is it Love? — In a way… Well, it’s not that I’m dreaming You’ll take me … Continue reading

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That moment…

That moment The moment that affects all others That choosing of a different shade of life. The hair, a filament, That splits before and after. The root Of hesitation.

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Starting with silence. Let us not fill up the air between us With nouns and verbs and adjectival phrases Trying to build a bridge, Trying to touch. Let us simply sense, What there is to sense. Even A potential sigh. … Continue reading

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