The toilet at my favourite cafe

Your bum
My bum
His bum
Her bum
Their bums
Some bums
Many bums
Any bums
Smart bums
Dumb bums
Old bums
Young bums
Dirty bums
Clean bums
Large bums
Small bums
Fast bums
Slow bums
Wary bums
Smelly bums
Lovely bums
Sweet bums
Rich bums
Poor bums
Caring bums
Sharing bums
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2 Responses to The toilet at my favourite cafe

  1. john zande says:

    The unformed, incomplete image of wary and caring bums is going to remain with me for an awkwardly long time i think….

  2. Good. 🙂 Of course I wrote this at the cafe I’ve been going to about 18 years so it’s impossible to guess how many bums shared that seat! It was really difficult to control myself toward the end…. They usually see me serious, analytical, perhaps frowning….perhaps thought I was cracking up 🙂

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