Love, in a way…

Love, in a way…
Yes, I suppose you could say;
I’m not sure I know
In a definitive way
What love is, really.
Is it Love? — In a way…
Well, it’s not that I’m dreaming
You’ll take me away,
To some fantasy island
Where all will be play.
More, I would say,
Like wanting to soften
The blows you are dealt.
Like wanting to waft
Some pleasure your way,
Perhaps some sun
On a cloudier day.
To share, for awhile,
What I tend to call
Life’s little pleasures –
You could use a few,
You’ve earned them I know;
You deserve them, you do.
Yes, pleasure.
That would be it, I suspect.
Whatever it takes,
It takes nothing away,
From an otherwise
Less than perfect day. 
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2 Responses to Love, in a way…

  1. mixedupmeme says:

    Life’s little pleasures.
    Why do we always seem to be looking for more?

    I like this entry. 🙂

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