How do I recognize a friend?

Well first,
I love his company.
I look forward
To seeing him anon.
I am enriched
By spending time with him.
And when confused,
I wonder what he’d say.
When happy,
With him I share my joy.
When he’s in pain,
I long to make it better.
When he is happy,
All the world seems fair.
And when he’s poor
My wealth becomes a burden.
At parting,
I look toward the dawn.
And recognize him steady as the day.
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4 Responses to How do I recognize a friend?

  1. mixedupmeme says:

    I think it should be a requirement…somewhere….somehow…to write down just what we mean by friend. Just as you did so beautifully. We/I use the word friend a lot but I really wonder if we consider its meaning.
    Just dreaming…..not much thinking. lol

    I have found since blogging that writing my thoughts…no matter how (fill in the blank) is very helpful or maybe revealing and enlightening.

    • Thanks, Mixedup 😉 I find the same thing — I think I find that in the process I gradually think more clearly – and it even helps in conversations later…. What an interesting life we live now, eh?

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