A Small Complaint about Video

(Subtitle: Issues that don’t exist?)

Lately more online media are using video – and some audio – as their method of presenting information.  I have two problems with this, apart from the possible  assumptions around peoples’ reading skills.

One is the sound issue – I, and many others, have hearing disabilities.  I would far rather read information than listen to it, or ‘watch’ it.  Many words are difficult to hear correctly even for those without hearing issues.  Written words we don’t know can be looked up on websites like www.dictionary.com .  But if we don’t catch the word, we are stuck.

The other issue applies to both video and audio: we are trapped at the speed of the presentation.   We are forced to listen to every word, no matter how slow, no matter how redundant.  If the information presentation takes 15 minutes, I am stuck for 15 minutes.

Audio presentations are even more difficult.  Those of us who wear hearing aids do some lip-reading – not always necessary, but often helpful.

Being able to read information enables me to scan as quickly as I am able.  I can easily pause for a second to look up a word.  And last – but not least – I can usually print a copy.  Try printing a copy of a video!

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2 Responses to A Small Complaint about Video

  1. mixedupmeme says:

    I read and watch many tutorials about Gimp. I much prefer the written ones over the video ones. Neither are easy to do and I am grateful for any help that so many are willing to give. I can stop the video at any moment. But I like to read the instructions. Of course any tutorial is only good when it is well written and easily understood. I have seen many video tuts that are a lot of noisy show and hot air. But beggars can’t be choosers. I have never written a tutorial and probably never will.

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