A little democracy….

One of the things I love about  Alternative Grounds (the café where I spend most mornings), is the egalitarian, democratic attitude of the patrons.

I just enjoyed a discussion with one of the city’s maintenance workers  about Iceland  and how its citizens responded to the economic meltdown of 2008.*  In this, my home away from home, people are taken as they come, not judged by their ‘category’ in the world.   Dave, in his orange ‘safety’ overalls with the florescent cross on the back, is treated with respect and interest by the sharp-suited lawyer who also comes in every morning.

A smart, well-read person is just that, whatever his official function in life, whatever adjectives might apply to him.  We do ourselves and the world a disservice by failing to appreciate this.

Sometimes our most signicant personal growth, our greatest enrichment, comes from the least anticipated experience,  the most unexpected connections.

* http://glenpearson.ca/2012/12/12/citizen-gifts-daring/

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4 Responses to A little democracy….

  1. mixedupmeme says:

    I think we forget or maybe never knew what personal growth really means. Perhaps we think of it as taking a course and being directed lecture by
    lecture. Or reading one of those “You Can Be Better” books and improving chapter by chapter.

    Maybe we should just look around. There are many examples and models to follow. Plus you will save the $$ purchase price of the book or course.

  2. odeboyz says:

    Here in the UK there is a huge campaign, which has widespread popular support against multi- national avoiding their tax bills. All of which emerged from The UK Uncut campaign ( which didn’t have widespread support). However this street poiltics hit a spot as because of the grotesque unfairness of Social Services cuts & gigantic companies putting small retailers out of business via these avoidance schemes. The final straw came when Google boasted about their manipulation of the international tax laws. So Iceland may not be the only country have a ‘Road to Damascus’ moment.

  3. Lucky for Iceland that they’re so small – imagine the U.S or the U.K. citizens trying this…. By the way I was delighted to come across your poetry – found it beautiful and insightful….

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