Blogging consciousness…

Why do I blog?   Probably the majority of bloggers ask themselves, occasionally, why they do it, what they are after.    Am I posting too often, or too little?   And ultimately “What is my goal?” *

When I ask myself why, I realize that what I want really is to change people, to raise their consciousness in some way, to stimulate a little personal growth.  I am not here to entertain.  I am not here to teach cooking or decorating, or to share my art; someone else is taking care of that.  I ‘follow’ some of them.

As my fellow blogger, rap poet RDRevilo** says,

“How can we continue to witness what we see

How can we allow a voice to translate our lot, into acceptability

Which hypnotizes us into believing its inevitability

How can we not believe our eyes

Y can’t they see through a cosmetic camouflage of lies

And if we do

Y do we do what we do

Y in the midst of plenty

Most of us don’t have any

Y do we deceive ourselves with hope

Y has our humanity eloped

With cowardice instead of intrepid-ation

Why has firmness attracted hesitation

Y are we here

Right here, right now


He and I, among the more than 30 million bloggers on WordPress alone, express ourselves in two completely different ways, and the variety of self-expression is endless.  But we share our concerns with the state of humanity and the world, and in our own way, we are passionately working at changing it.

For me, part of trying to change the world, is to support and nourish others who are also struggling to roll that rock uphill, despite the difficulty, persevering because it is a real need.  It can be unbearably frustrating at times, and it’s encouraging to know there are others out there who identify with you in some way.

Einstein is supposed to have said, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”  They would be the people who let others do the thinking and the ‘trying’, while they entertain themselves to death.

In this era of celebrity-obsession and mindless belief systems, I have more respect for those who “keep on trying”, than for just about anyone.



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4 Responses to Blogging consciousness…

  1. mixedupmeme says:

    Nice and interesting entry. And wouldn’t it be boring if all of us blogged for the same reason. lol

    I think we have all probably changed our goal or aim as we continue writing. I know I have prepared something to say and then something else comes along so I put the first idea on hold. Then when I return to that draft I find my whole thoughts about it have changed.

    I don’t really have a set pattern or style. I just go wherever I go. But of course that in itself might be a style. 🙂 As long as I am happy blogging I will continue.

    • I do the same thing — I’ll sometimes have three Word files open on my desktop, and work on whichever one I’m in the mood for. To have that kind of freedom – and opportunity – is awesome!

  2. Barb says:

    I agree that we change our blogging reasons as our blogs age. I know I have. I enjoy your style of introspection and inquisitiveness.

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