Blogging Woes

As they say, “some days are diamonds, some days are pearls” and some are akin to lumps of coal.   I spent yesterday doing research around a couple of pet subjects, instead of writing, and ended up frustrated.   That’s rare for me – I usually smarten up and move on, but had no self-discipline due to lack of sleep.  That’ll do it every time.  So I allowed myself to be distracted by countless other peoples’ blogs and issues.

When you think about there being over 30 million blogs on WordPress alone, you realize there’s an endless supply of fascination awaiting the seeker.  Sort of like contemplating the universe.  So at some point we have to be able to pull away.  We have to be able to get back in touch with the passions that drive us, that keep us motivated.

When I give in to the wandering  – a little like giving in to any sort of temptation – and just follow one link after another, by day’s end I feel as if I have no purpose.  I feel passive, powerless.   That powerlessness prevailed, culminating in a ‘Burnt Caramel’ ice cream cone at Chocolateria.   Immediate gratification.   And then, as if there really were a god, it began to rain as I walked home.   Poetic justice.

There is a happy ending, though.   What I call ‘my leapfrog theory’ kicked in: when we hit bottom – or ‘fall behind’ enough – we are compelled to leap ahead, anew, renewed, refreshed, perhaps even inspired.   This morning I woke up so passionately motivated that I began writing in my head from the start, in the shower, walking to the café, non-stop, fingers dancing on the keyboard, one idea after another in production.

All is well, in the best of all possible worlds.

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6 Responses to Blogging Woes

  1. mixedupmeme says:

    30 million? That really makes me feel better already. I was beginning to wonder why nobody is visiting my blog. Now I know where they are. Off wandering around looking at somebody else’s blog. 😦

  2. We can only hang in there!

  3. there is way to much out there to read – just gotta pick what you like

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