Magic wand list – #1

I tend to be too serious, so here’s my effort at “light”!

Some people have a “Bucket List”.  I have an “If I Had a Magic Wand” list.  Here are the sorts of things I would arrange in the world, the way I feel today, if I did have such an instrument:

Everyone on earth would have a home, and all their basic needs filled.

Of course I would save the environment.

I wouldn’t make everyone happy, because I believe, as Fritz Perls said, “You have to suffer to grow”, and I believe in personal growth (and maybe happiness or contentment later).

I would cure cancer and other awful diseases.  They interfere with life and love and personal growth.

I would eliminate bugs that sting.

I would grow trees everywhere, and teach every generation to treasure them.

And wildflowers.

How’s that for a day’s work?

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3 Responses to Magic wand list – #1

  1. mixedupmeme says:

    I am exhausted just reading your Magic Wand List. Very ambitious.
    I often am overwhelmed with all the things I have to do to get ready for company of over nights guests. Where do I start? Making a list and working through it does help. I then see progress as I cross off the tasks. Doesn’t seem so hard then.

    Your list is enormous but every tiny teeny bit you do toward it…..will be a great accomplishment. 🙂

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