Teach Internet Awareness

Are we missing the boat in education.   We are simply not keeping up with the changes in – let’s call it – “information transmission”.

Books are, bluntly, too slow; by the time an “expert” book is published, the information in it is old compared to the instant publishing on the internet.  TV is changing as we speak – being pre-recorded by people  who haven’t the patience for or interest in ads (the very people who can afford the advertised goods) so advertisers are more hesitant to sponsor a program.  Newspapers have been shutting down for years, with most shifting to online publication.

The world of information transmission is dramatically changing,  quickly, with more and more information accessed online – through everything from Google searches to downloading whole books into e-readers – at great savings to consumers, and with great speed.

We should be teaching  related skills – from the 3 Rs combined with touch-typing, to new critical-thinking skills – sufficient to resist the influence of everything from cults to sophisticated marketing that comes on like “information” (for example pharmaceuticals on “new” drugs),  to governments trying to sway our votes – or worse, control the internet.   A kind of Internet Awareness 101.

As it becomes easier for kids to avoid important knowledge about their world, and more enticing to merely seek entertainment, when I stop and think about it, incorporating these changes into education will be essential to the survival of democracy.

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1 Response to Teach Internet Awareness

  1. Igor says:

    EEEEE Ivane, kak sum se smial choveeeeeek, Iska mi se da ima kaja na vsikci ot tova pravitelstvo edno SBOOOOOGOM partii ni DRUGIARI.. vashata pesen be dotuk..no comment .((Ivane, te ako nas ni naznachat za konsuli nie shte opravim bulgaria za edna godina be hihi samo kato go gledam tozi gore na videoto kolko e inteligenten maniiiiiii Pozdravi

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