The rest of my life….

I find myself in the very fortunate position of being able to choose what I do with the rest of my life.  I don’t enjoy lying around on a beach, or endless meaningless chats with friends or relatives in restaurants – no matter how charming or trendy.  It’s pretty challenging to locate people interested in exploring ideas, reflecting, or analyzing together – except occasionally over a glass of wine.  And strangely, ideas and discussions that seemed wonderful when inspired by wine, lose their glow in the cold light of day.

No, I think I’ll simply do more of what I love best – most likely by myself: reflecting on the world I find myself in; sharing thoughts or insights in writing; learning whatever I feel compelled to learn, and whatever that might lead to….

I think and analyse and reflect endlessly – in fact I need to practise quieting my mind; inner stillness.   I am also working at losing my impulse to ‘manage’ my world — trying out a kind of passive acceptance of everyday things that come at me – like a less than perfect coffee or meal or inconvenience.  Some might call it a ‘buddhist’ approach – but for me it doesn’t seem part of a category, just something I am trying on – like different clothing or exercise.

As I look out through my gauzy curtain and see a sunny day and bright blue sky, I think how lucky I am to be cozy and comfortable, and wonder what I can do today as a step toward helping to make this a better world.  Thinking about that makes me feel stimulated and peaceful at the same time.

I have been teaching myself about blogging, and since yesterday have begun three blogs.  As I imagine it, I will write from a different perspective or psychological state in each of them.  That would suggest that how much blogging gets done will depend on ‘where I’m at’ for periods of time.  That’s what I anticipate.  What actually evolves may be a different story.  We shall see 🙂


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