Wright used Rhetoric! Rhetoric, you boobs!

What an outcry about a little rhetoric!  That’s how I would describe Rev. Wright’s passionate sermon. (try this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/UCCtruths) Everything he said had some truth in it, if you know anything about U.S. history.  It was designed to wake people up — to “disturb the comfortable”, to cause change.  Look up ‘rhetoric’ in www.dictionary.com

For those who didn’t follow this, I’m referring to Obama’s now former pastor, who gave a controversial sermon which ultimately led to Obama essentially disowning him.

Christians who reacted negatively to the notorious sermon should be ashamed of themselves.  After all, they are members of a religion based on the teachings & stories of Jesus, a radical who was working for change, if those ancient writings are to be believed. 

 Yoo-hoo America.  Pay attention to much more important things your government is doing in the world — the governments they support, the governments they help bring down.  Look at what they’ve done to Iraq, and realize this is not the first misery they’ve caused, based on lies and deceit.  How long you have chosen to remain ignorant!

Wright was just trying to shake people awake, get them to realize that their blind faith in  America is just taking the easy way out.  But on judgment day (should such a thing prove to exist), ignorance will be no excuse.

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